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Who are we?

Barkway is a full-service team of veterinary professionals dedicated to making healthcare for everyone’s BFFs (best furry friends) accessible.

What we offer

Good patient outcomes require the right diagnosis. Hence, a thorough consultation is an essential first step in pointing to the right treatment. We offer numerous services to ensure the healing and well-being of your pets.

What others are saying...

Brought my cat here for spaying. Dropped her off in the morning and picked her up in the evening. Cat was already walking about when it got home. Dr. Teng was caring and patient with explaining clearly about the procedures involved and aftercare. I highly recommend Barkway.

Shawn Loo

I love the service provided by the staffs, especially Dr Teng. He is very knowledgeable and thanks to him the cause of my foster kitten's ill health was identified. He also explains things very patiently and clearly. The attention given to my foster kitten, Shadow, by Dr Teng and his crew during his hospitalization has helped him turned around for the better. Thank you guys!

Sri Yanti

Excellent services provided by Dr Teng and his staffs! Would highly recommend Barkway Pet Health to my friends.

Reuben Ang

Eventhough I live in Jurong, I travel to Macpherson for Barkway. When my rescue dog was in a tremendous amount of pain, I took him to another clinic that had him for a night, did ALOT of tests and transferred him to a hospital that cost me a bomb still not knowing what was wrong. I took him to barkway and the problem was identified almost immediately and with a simple medication the dog was up and about! Ever since, we only visit barkway, excellent service, friendly staff and one amazing Dr Teng! Well done!

Dana Laura Patrick

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9.30-12.30    14.00-16.30

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Map & directions

169 MacPherson Road, Singapore 348535

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Driving east-bound along MacPherson Road, turn left into slip road immediately after overhead bridge.